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Building a community of good

Care is at our core. It’s our beating heart,

impassioned soul and skilled hands.

All so we can help the communal unit Get Stronger™

“Centers Health Care is committed to growing the health and wellbeing of every resident, every resident’s family, and every family’s community. We proudly wear the names of the towns and counties where we serve because we are an integral part of each. The local schools, local police and fire departments, the local hospitals and businesses—they are our neighbors, our partners and our friends.”

Kenny Rozenberg

CEO, Centers Health Care


Who we are

Centers Health Care is a recognized leader in short-term rehab and long-term care in our communities. Whether you’re recovering from injury, illness or surgery, you experience the extraordinary benefits of our cutting-edge rehab technology and leading-edge treatment protocols.

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Stronger rehab.
Stronger community.
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How we care

We function as a community of neighbors, family and friends living life to the fullest and getting healthier every day. That includes topnotch staff, comfortable accommodations, and an active, healthy lifestyle in a warm, safe, welcoming environment.

What drives us

Results. Empowering residents is our input. Seeing them reclaim their independence is the ultimate outcome. Nothing inspires us more than witnessing families return to life as usual—stronger than ever before.

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Simple, really

We created Centers
because we believe in the individual
We created CentersCares
because we believe in the community
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